A Tribute to Spencer P. Jones

Legendary guitarist, songwriter, storyteller Spencer P Jones (born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand) died 21 August 2018 after being diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer early this year.  Spencer has been entwined in the Australian punk and rock scene since the 1970s.  Influencing an Australian sound with his swagger and visceral self-taught guitar playing, Spencer featured in bands The Johnnys, Beasts of Bourbon, Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls. He inspired many with his acclaimed work as a solo artist and with his band The Escape Committee.

Spencer was the real deal, a music purist. This was no façade, he lived it and he worked damn hard at it, dedicating himself to his craft.  He was a brilliant fierce guitarist, an exceptional lyric writer, a gentleman and hugely loved.  He contributed to so many significant Australian musicians and albums over the years, enhancing anything he was involved in.  He supported and encouraged others, giving his time generously to the local scene.  His legacy is enormous.

Mushroom Music has worked with Spencer since 1985.  In 2006 Beasts of Bourbon played the Big Day Out festival nationally, our paths crossed at airports and hotels frequently and Spence would say with a cheeky grin, ‘let’s call deception and order doom service.’   We miss you and we’ll always remember your affecting unruffled personality, your cool personal style, your smile and warmth.  Melbourne will not be the same without you.

Our thoughts and love to his wife Angie, family and friends.

Linda Bosidis

Mushroom Music Publishing

Listen to the legendary sounds of Spencer P. Jones → https://spoti.fi/2BCktXR