A global vision for our writers is paramount. The success of our writers globally, from touring through to writing and sync couldn’t happen without the support of like-minded sub-publishers. They are specialists in their local markets and a very important part of our international operation.


Because Editions

Territories: France

Big Deal Music

Territories: USA & Canada

Bucks Music Group

Territories: United Kingdom & Eire

Budde Music

Territories: Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Café Concerto

Territories: Italy

Edicione Musicales Clipper’s S.L.
Territories: Spain and Portugal

Fujipacific Music Inc

Territories: Japan and South Korea

Musou Music Publishing 

Territories: Greece

Pelikan Muzik
Territories: Turkey

Rocking Gorrillas Music Limitada

Territories: Brazil

Scandinavian Songs

Territories: Scandinavia including Finland, the Baltic States and Iceland

Schubert Music Europe GmbH

Territories: Eastern Europe (i.e. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Belo Russia, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia & Montenegro)

Strictly Confidential
Territories: Belgium and Holland

Universal Music Publishing International

Territories: Mexico, Central & South America (excluding Brazil), Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, North Korea, Vietnam, India and Africa.