Founded in 2007 by Chairman Augusto Gentili and Managing Director Roy Lidstone, A&G Songs was originally a platform to help promote and develop its catalogue signed to A&G Records, whilst ensuring professional collection and protection of music publishing income due for our artists. The company has since grown into an international music publishing company with offices in London and LA, as well as a successful company dedicated to music licensing – A&GSync. After signing the boisterous and mould breaking Sohodolls, A&G Songs success was propelled by a huge demand in licensing requests for Sohodolls, Gloria Cycles, Chelsea Automatic, Masters In France and many of its other artists, solidifying the development and success of A&GSync as an international, independent sync agent.
The intention of A&G Songs is to ensure we provide the best level of professional publishing services whilst maintaining a great roster of writers and publishers that we know, understand and work closely with, providing an open door policy with both our UK and US office and an active interest in our writers / artists seeking to achieve mutual goals. This is why we intentionally keep the roster limited but always of a high standard across different genres.
We have extensive pro-active partnerships throughout other territories ensuring a truly worldwide service for exploitation and collection coverage. Our team and our roster have all grown from strength to strength, providing the best possible platform, guidance and advice to help develop our writers to achieve their up most potential.