Elevating songs.  Raising standards in music publishing.

Like the mythological figure Atlas, music has the power to truly lift up the world.  Regardless of language spoken, religion practiced, or politics adhered to, people across the planet can all relate to the universal emotions music evokes.  The creators of this powerful force deserve the highest level of service.

Atlas Music Publishing fills the void that consolidation and overgrowth amongst larger, inefficient companies has left by creating a truly proactive home for their clients.  Their veteran music publishing executives lead their passionate team to create the perfect home for writers and catalogs looking for more than the “norm.”

The team uses attentive client service and high-tech operations to ensure that works from their clients reach a global audience and are properly protected, that license fees from around the world are efficiently collected, and that payments are made to their clients, the copyright owners.  Each client has a transparent view of their “Jet Stream” system to understand exactly what their team is doing for them and their songs.  All accounting is quarterly so there is no half-year waiting for statements and payments.