Established in 1996, Songs In The Key Of Knife is a leading independent publisher of electronic dance music and is a subsidiary of Hospital Records Limited. It protects the publishing copyrights for a large repertoire of musical works/compositions by the artists residing at Hospital Records and over 100 other talented writers creating a variety of electronic/dance music.

Songs In The Key Of Knife is dedicated to the detailed administration of accurate catalogue data and the meticulous collection/distribution of worldwide royalties, ensuring all musical works are registered with collection societies in all territories (eg PRS for Music in the UK).

Songs In The Key Of Knife capitalises on a multitude of income streams including those derived from internet streaming services, music sales (physical and digital), live performances, DJ sets, TV/radio broadcasts, synchronisation and mobile phone services. An in-house Sync department actively promotes the Songs In The Key Of Knife repertoire to a commercial audience and endeavours to licence music to television, film, computer games and other media agencies and organisations.