Strictly Confidential Music kicked off as the publishing arm of the PIAS Group in 1987. The Company has since then become one of the biggest independent publishers in Europe with a catalogue consisting of approx. 25,000 original titles and controlling over 250,000 titles in total. Strictly Confidential operates out of Brussels with offices and/or partners around the globe.

The international set-up of Strictly Confidential follows the philosophy of the company: try to increase the speed of payments, limit administration expenses, work with sub-publishers only if partners can give a real plus to the catalogue. With offices in Belgium (where the administration is centralised), Holland, France, UK and Germany as well as local memberships of different Societies and its network of sub-publishers, Strictly Confidential offers now most of the advantages of a major publisher in administration while working on a much smaller catalogue, enabling us to give every writer and catalogue the support and the attention he deserves.

Furthermore, many renowned publishing companies from all over the world have entrusted the representation of their catalogues to Strictly Confidential in selective territories.

Besides our administrative policy, we work actively on different types of publishing revenue. We have an active way of investigating synchronization possibilities through our addressbook of advertising agencies, film production companies, directors, and other associated media players. Different Strictly Confidential compositions have been used in renowned movies, in commercials, themes of various TV-programs, and tracks used as background music for games.

For the future Strictly Confidential will actively seek to enhance its position as leading publisher in Europe. The ultimate goal for the Company is to be the leading European Publisher offering both the best administration and the best support to its client base. No doubt that Strictly Confidential is the publisher for the future.