Get to know CXLOE – APRA AMCOS Ambassador

Words written by APRA AMCOS

Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and splitting her time between Sydney and LA, CXLOE is a breakout artist and songwriter with a talent and business acumen beyond her years.

A proudly independent artist, her songwriting has grown and developed after travelling back and forth from Sydney to LA for close to five years, collaborating with an array of songwriters and producers – and finding herself in growing demand as a topliner for other artists. As an APRA AMCOS Ambassador, she aims to “to provide the same help to others that I was given,” noting the appointment “is such an honour to me.”

On the current state of songwriting, CXLOE says, “Artists are writing whatever they want to write and this is also raising awareness of so many issues that have been taboo for such a long time.”

Maintaining a rush of momentum from critical acclaim, rising streams, and a growing profile, new single Low Blow, released last Friday, follows I Can’t Have Nice Things and her 2018 breakthrough Show You.  

With recent opening slots for Broods and pop icons Maroon 5, CXLOE now goes out on her I Cant Have Nice Things headline tour with shows in Sydney on Thursday 16 May at the Oxford Art Factory and Melbourne on Friday 17 May at the Howler. Limited tickets are still available.

We caught up with CXLOE for a quick Q&A before she hits the road.

Three words that best describe me.

Intense. Kind. Complex.

The song everyone should listen to right now is:

Cool Again by Shoffy!

I am inspired to write songs when… 

I’m feeling too many emotions and I don’t know what to do with them.

What is important for emerging songwriters to understand when starting out? 

It’s slow. Very slow. But that doesn’t mean it’s not working out. Persist, persist, persist and it will all come in time 🙂

You have participated in SongHubs The Tower and BIGSOUND. What have you learned about collaboration in those sessions? 

Collaboration is scary, but the end product can be so wonderful. I’ve learnt to keep an open mind and open heart when meeting new writers as the most amazing songs can come out of this. And also healing. 

What is a tip you have for someone going to LA to write for the first time? 

Oh god I don’t know where to start. I’ve sat with this question for about 10 minutes typing and then deleting my answer, haha. I’d say my biggest tip would be to protect your peace as much as you can. To work hard obviously but protect your heart and mind so that you can survive in the crazy city that is LA.

The future of songwriting is exciting because…

There are no boundaries! Songs are whatever you want them to be! Two minutes long, 80’s, collabs with 10 artists, there are no walls! Artists are writing whatever they want to write, and this is also raising awareness of so many issues that have been taboo for such a long time. 

I realised my songwriting had value when…

I started receiving messages from fans of my music saying I helped them and that they felt the same way. I’ve always felt quite isolated in my feelings. So hearing someone feels the same and through my music doesn’t feel so alone, that’s my job done. 

Copyright is meaningful to me because…

It protects my art and my living! I put everything into my work so to know it’s protected puts a million worries at ease. 

I’m an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because…

I want to provide the same help to others that I was given. I honestly don’t think I’d still be doing music without the help from APRA AMCOS and its Ambassadors. I want to be that for others and help in any way possible! To guide them and be a voice for APRA and all the wonderful things they offer for artists and songwriters. This is such an honour to me.