MMP Artists announced for Bigsound 2017

Heading to BIGSOUND? Then you need to know your valley!

It’s a four day bender of learning and live music. Think hectic long days and even longer nights so let these artists help you with that google calendar that’s filling up with “meetings” and “workshops”. From the keynote speakers (Archie Roach!) to the secret parties and predicted ‘buzz bands’ – here’s what’s up in Brisbane next week.


Five artists/bands you want to see at this year’s BIGSOUND?
1. NYCK – Met these two beautiful people a couple of months ago and absolutely love them Great people, great songs. What’s not to love?
2. Winston Surfshirt – Been really enjoying their new tunes so I’m eager to see how it plays out live.
3. Nick Hill – We played with Nick a little while ago and heard him rehearsing the other day in the same studio as us. He’s got something real smooth going on so we keen to hear what he’s been up to.
4. ALTA – We were fortunate enough to live with Jules and Han for a week in Byron before Splendour. We had the best time in their company and are big fans of their tunes.
5. Confidence Man – These guys need no explanation. We missed them at Splendour so we’re keen to check ‘em out.
6. Slow Dancer – We’ve been really loving the record he just dropped and I’m super interested to see it all live

Two speakers/workshops you’re interested in + why?
Mary Ramos – We’re big fans of music in film so we’re eager to check out what Mary Ramos has to say. She’s got an incredible repertoire and has sound tracked some of our favourite films.
Mazin Tappuni – We have a lot of respect for Communion and are curious to hear what Marzin has to say about working campaigns in different markets.

This isn’t your first rodeo – any tips for squeezing the best out of BIGSOUND?
Make sure you get to your rider early. Last time ours got snatched and we were left scanning drinks all night.

How do you plan to spend your days in Fortitude Valley?
We’re such foodies so we’ll be hitting Brisbane’s finest food haunts. Followed by a panel or two and then a couple of beers in the arvo, check out some acts and then hide ourselves away 2 hours before show time.

What do you hope achieve from this year’s BIGSOUND?
We’re eager to get some more shows lined up and we’re just super keen to play all of the new music we’ve been working on. We’ve barely played this year and our set is primarily new songs.

Where to catch Mansionair: Alehouse Stage @ The Woolly Mammoth – Wednesday, 6 September + Mane Stage @ Woolly Mammoth – Thursday, 7 September.


What have you heard about BIGSOUND? Any expectations?
Not a lot. I understand it’s like Great Escape & SXSW, both of which I’ve played before (with an old band) and enjoyed – so I’m optimistic.

This is your first BIGSOUND – how do you plan to survive the bender?
No plan – I shoot from the hip.

What do you hope achieve from this year’s BIGSOUND?
To perform well & make a connection with whoever is


Five artists/bands you want to see at this year’s BIGSOUND?
Merk, Jess Locke, Jade Imagine, Good Boy & Horace Bones – some are friends of mine, some are bands that I liked from skimming through the BIGSOUND page

Two speakers/workshops you’re interested in + why? 

Amanda Brown – I’m keen to hear some stories from her Go-Betweens days and her time writing music for screen (a talent I’ve always had admiration for). Jane Abernethy  – 4AD are one of my favourite labels – it’d be interesting to hear about her experiences working as their Director of A&R.

Where to catch Brightness: Black Bear Lodge – Wednesday, 6 September and The Zoo – Thursday, 7 September.

The Creases

Five artists/bands you want to see at this year’s BIGSOUND?

1. The Harpoons – Legit one of the best bands in the Country.
2. Amyl & The Sniffers – Lots of fun and really great lyrics. I especially like the line “ People look at me like I am a hooker, but I just want to be a venue booker. ” in one of their songs.
3. Body Type – Really excited for their EP!
4. Slotface – I’ve not listened to Slotface too much but I’ve heard a lot of buzz.
5. Exhibitionist – Absolutely love her single ‘Hands’ and really excited to see how the live show works.

Two speakers/workshops you’re interested in + why?

I’d like to see Nick Findlay chat about the behind the scenes at Triple J and also see the “Health, Drugs & Rock’N’Roll” discussion panel. There’s also some Ableton Live workshops that sound like a lot of fun.

This isn’t your first rodeo – any tips for squeezing the best out of BIGSOUND?

I highly recommend Salsa Dancing at Cloud Land. Honestly beats the official parties most of the time. 

How do you plan to spend your days in Fortitude Valley?

I always plan to go to the panels but usually just end up drinking and catching up with friends during the day but I’m going to try and make an effort to catch some talks this year!

 As a punter and artist – any tips to surviving the BIGSOUND bender? 

A burger from Lucky Egg usually brings me back to life. Highly recommend chilling out in New Farm Park as well, it’s really beaut! 

What do you hope achieve from this year’s BIGSOUND?

Would like to connect with festivals and bookers from all over Australia & the world so we can start playing our record as far and wide as possible.

Where to catch The Creases: The Stage @ The Flying Cock – Tuesday, 5 September + 256 Wickham – Thursday, 7 September.


Five artists/bands you want to see at this year’s BIGSOUND?

1. Willaris K – One of the most exciting upcoming producers imo.
2. Okenyo – Shared the stage with her group in Sydney and want to see more.
3. Ara Koufax – Cos they’re great.
4. Lonelyspeck – All My Skin on the Air is one of my fav tracks of 2016.
5. Hatchie – Has been popping up on my feed recently and want to learn more about her.

Two speakers/workshops you’re interested in?

The Changing Future of Music: AI, VR, Robotics and Blockchain – I’m real interested in blockchain tech and if this will affect the way music is distributed and AI learning the rules of music composition is something I reckon is really cool. 

Thinking Out of the Box: Is Cross Industry Collaboration the Future – This is an aspect of the music industry I find interesting and want to learn more!

As a punter and artist – any tips to surviving the BIGSOUND bender?

“stay drunk and keep moving” haha nah we’re pretty soft tbh but berocca is key here

What do you hope achieve from this year’s BIGSOUND?

Looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new friends and seeing a lot of live music!

Where to catch ALTA: 256 Wickham – Tuesday, 5 September + The Elephant Hotel – Wednesday 6 September + The TBC Club – Thursday, 7 September + Alehouse Stage at Wooly Mammoth – Friday, 8 September.


Five artists/bands you want to see at this year’s BIGSOUND?

1. The Teskey Brothers – To me they are super reminiscent of a time where music just felt so gooood!!
2. IV League – So raw and reckless.. I feel like it will be a super vibey gig!!
3. Kardajala kirridarra – 100% heart strings… I think it will be a very beautiful show!
4. Didirri – His recordings are really compelling.. I love the measure and the melodies!!
5. ALTA – I feel like these guys are just really doing their own thing and I’m excited to check it out!

Two speakers/workshops you’re interested in?

Archie Roach – Because he is Archie Roach!!!! Mary Ramos – Mary has done the most amazing things!!  I am really inspired by her stylistically and really excited to be exposed to that level of experience!!

What have you heard about BIGSOUND? Any expectations?

I have heard it is a really special thing and that the vibe is one of a kind!! I think the best thing is that people really go to hear the music.. which I think will make for some really magical moments!!

What do you hope achieve from this year’s BIGSOUND?

Just the opportunity to showcase there is exciting enough, but being able to make some great connections and see the other amazing performers and speakers will be unreal!!!

Where to catch Aurelia: 256 Wickham – Tuesday, 5 September + The TBC Club – Thursday, 7 September.

Emerson Snowe

Name a coupla artists/bands you want to see at this year’s BIGSOUND?

I’m definitely looking forward to Exhibitionist and Party Dozen, i’m a big fan of both Kirsty and Jono Boulets’ output over the years. I really love what they have both produced now with the 2 projects. Merk, I literally just saw his image then whilst scrolling and it caught my attention, there’s something about artists from New Zealand that I somewhat envy. Maybe its the seclusion, and being apart from Australia and having space away from people.. I really don’t know, but I really like his track. Brightness is one I am really happy to be sharing a lineup with on Wednesday night, I love what he’s doing. Oh Mercy is another i’m psyched to finally catch live.

Two speakers/workshops you’re interested in + why?

There are so many speakers this year, I’ve always been a big fan of John Kirby and his work with Dev Hynes. So I would really love to catch that. Also going to have to say Ben O’Connor from Chapter music and Lucy Wood from Latitude Festival in the UK.

You’re from Bris – any tips on how to survive the BIGSOUND bender?

There is probably a 2 week gap that you have to give yourself once BIGSOUND week ends, it’s super stressful while you’re there and I think when it’s over you need some time to realise what has really happened. Try not to think about why you said that certain thing to someone, for the most part they are probably thinking the same thing. It’s all good. Best place to have a meeting is probably Bens Burgers in Winn Lane, its a cosy spot.

Is this the first time Emerson Snowe has played BIGSOUND? What can people expect?

Yeah, this is the first time I’ve played. I purposely took down everything that I had released through Spotify other than my first ‘Acoustic’ EP. The set is nothing like whats online, think of it like some kind of Karaoke set. It’s gonna be fun. Real fun.

What do you hope achieve from this year’s BIGSOUND?

I’m still psyched that I am playing this year, I am really looking forward to it. I’m just happy to be getting the chance to play in front of new people. I’m not really one to  be able to hold a conversation ’cause of my nerves, but hopefully this year i’ll be chattin away.  I don’t know. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on it all!

Where to catch Emerson Snowe: Black Bear Lodge – Wednesday, 6 September + The Brightside – Thursday, 7 September.


nyck (pronounced n.y.c.k), is a project from Melbourne musicians Nick Acquroff & Dominique Garrard that strips away all of the noise and focuses on the fundamentals.

Where to catch nyck: Black Bear Lodge – Tuesday, 5 September + The Brightside Outdoor Stage – Wednesday, 6 September.

 Caitlin Harnett

Sydney songstress, Caitlin Harnett, will be heading to BIGSOUND with the Andy Golledge Band.

Where to catch Caitlin Harnett / Andy Golledge: Empire Hotel – Tuesday, 5 September + Laruche – Thursday, 7 September

Archie Roach

Archie is Australia’s beloved, respected and admired Aboriginal singer/songwriter with a voice and sensibility that is this country’s most important songline.

His message for Aboriginal people and all Australians with a conscience, and also the message from him at this time in his life, is that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. For him even though the walk to personal, political or emotional freedoms might seem immense he knows it is still possible to reach a good end or at least find the will to fight for a good end.

You can catch Archie Roach speaking @ Performance Space – JWC Level 2: Thursday, 7 September