Mushroom Music Publishing Announce Restructure

Mushroom Music Publishing is proud to announce their new company structure under Linda Bosidis, who was promoted to Managing Director at the beginning of this year.

Having overseen Mushroom Music’s international operations for over twelve years, Zoe Coverdale has been elevated to ‘Senior Director, International’ where she continues to manage existing partnerships and establish new relationships and opportunities for Mushroom Music’s international business. Tahlia Ryan has been promoted internally to International Assistant and will support Zoe.  In addition to her role with Mushroom Music, Zoe is also working in a business development capacity with the Mushroom Group’s recently launched neighbouring rights company, Good Neighbour.

Erol Yurdagul has been named ‘Head of A&R and Creative’.  After several years as A&R Manager, he will be responsible for our domestic writers, with a major focus on signing new writers.  Julian McGruther, Dom O’Connor, Bill Page and Dean McLachlan will be part of his team. Julian McGruther’s role as Creative Manager has been expanded to facilitate collaborations and co-writes both domestically and internationally.

Formerly the Creative Manager of Mushroom Sync, Jules Bain has been promoted to ‘Head of Sync’ for both publishing and labels within the Mushroom Group.  The sync team includes Abby Page, Ricky Birmingham and Lisa Businovski.  Jules’ focus includes generating new business in Australia and internationally.   

Dom O’Connor has joined Mushroom Music full-time as ‘A&R Assistant’, after 12 months of working as a Scout in their Sydney office and four years at Lunatic Entertainment/Laneway Festival.  In his expanded role, Dom will work closely with Erol Yurdagul in developing new publishing signings, working with the existing catalogue in a creative fashion, maintaining relationships with existing writers.

“It’s an exciting time for us. The restructure confirms Mushroom Music Publishing’s commitment to providing resources for our writers in a distinctive creative sense, meticulous administrative services, and the ongoing focus on finding domestic and international talent.  It’s our staff and culture that distinguishes Mushroom Music as the most visionary, proactive, inclusive and successful independent publisher in Australasia.”

Linda Bosidis, Managing Director

“This restructure began with the appointment of Linda Bosidis as MD with a clear mandate to change and modernise the company. With a focus on bolstering A&R, creative and sync, Linda now has an incredibly strong team who are motivated and determined to really deliver for our writers and catalogues.”

Chris Maund, COO – Mushroom Labels and Mushroom Music

The restructure affirms Mushroom Music’s commitment to providing their writers with world-class innovative services and a modern and personal A&R approach. Over the last year, they opened a dedicated writing space The Lock In within their Sydney office as well as facilitating a week-long writer’s retreat in partnership with Big Deal and Big Family Music (John Ryan, AFTERHRS, Shungudzo) from the USA.

Similarly, Mushroom Sync continues to assert themselves as the leading sync department in Australia/New Zealand by repeatedly securing creative sync opportunities for their writers within film, advertising and new media.

Mushroom Music Publishing is well-placed through this restructure to maintain its long-standing position as the leading independent publisher in Australasia, continuing to represent the innovative, forward-thinking values that have defined the company since its inception.