Passport Label

The Passport Label cleared customs in November 2005, in order to raise the profile of great, new Australian music in the UK. The label was founded by Zoe White, a native Melbournian then living in London and with several years experience working with independent music in both countries. Born out of frustration regarding the amount of quality Australian music overlooked internationally, The Passport Label aims to give Australian acts access and exposure to one of the biggest and most influential music markets in the world.

Love of Diagrams’ urgent track, No Way Out was the first 7” released by Passport, and five years later, 2010 sees the release of the tenth single for the label, the euphoric Golden Sky, by up and coming Sydney band, The Holidays. In between, there have been releases by Children Collide, Snowman, The Panics, The Silents, theredsunband, Crayon Fields, Rowland S. Howard and Cloud Control. All of the artists released by Passport have gone on to achieve various levels of domestic and international success.

Passport singles have received airplay on Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and XFM. They have also been featured in credible publications such as Uncut, Mojo, The Times and Time Out, as well as online media including Drowned In Sound.

White now manages Mushroom Music Publishing’s international department, and has managed to incorporate the label into her role there.

“Integrating The Passport Label into my position at Mushroom was an obvious and natural decision. Part of my job is to help create international opportunities for our songwriters, so we exclusively release artists published by Mushroom, in the hope that they might be picked up by an international label, agent, or just extend their fanbase in another territory. Our publishing roster is so strong; there are plenty of quality acts to choose from.”

No doubt, The Passport Label will continue to import the most exciting new tunes from Australia.

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