Edward Castelow

Several months have passed with many hours spent beavering away in the studio for Edward Castelow, as he has slowly but surely created a new Dictaphone Blues album, entitled Mufti Day

Released on December 5th via Banished From The Universe records, Mufti Day arrives shining, boundless, bellowing from a mountaintop on limited edition ruby red vinyl, CD and digital formats.

The album – without question the band’s finest, experimental and most complete offering to date Рfeatures the #1 alternative airplay radio single, Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave, a song that glistens with indie guitar chime before careening into full choral glory and back again without missing a trick. HHBLAW boasts the hilarious accompanying music video filmed at the 2014 Shredisloe Cup, the annual internationally acclaimed Bodysurfing Championship held in Byron Bay, Australia.

Mufti Day also features recent bNet hit 365 (feat. Emily Edrosa) and the spunk-pop revelation that is the new single Cryptic Lipstick.

This time around the music has been played, recorded and mixed solely by Edward Castelow, employing a more analogue approach than previous outings. Utilising 1/4” tape machines, vintage desks and ribbon microphones before being effected, screwed and mixed using the modern technologies we know and love, resulting in a warmer and more dynamic sound than previous releases.

“I wanted a more singular vision for these songs, if for no other reason than to just change it up a bit. I’d done the first album by myself with a couple of friends here and there, and then with Beneath The Crystal Palace it was a joint effort with Rob and Myles. I wanted to nurture something from inside myself this time, see what it sounded like and to prove to myself that I could do it”.

A stalwart of the thriving Auckland musical landscape and charismatic performer, Castelow has written an album of catching grooves and indie pop diamonds with poetic tongue in cheek lyrical mysticism, commenting on and poking fun at life, love and the universe.

‚ÄòWith widescreen production Phil Spector might admire, hooks big enough to land swordfish, half-familiar melodies, and cannoning drums behind stacked-up jangle guitars and sweeping synth-strings, (Dictaphone Blues) is a sheer delight and only the hardest heart won’t be amused, seduced and delighted‚Äô – Graham Reid, (NZ Herald & Elsewhere)

Dictaphone Blues heads out upon the joyous trail of New Zealand on tour throughout December, with musical wares to be peddled and performed perfect for the start of the long hot summer.

For press and/or management enquiries please contact Reuben Bonner at Banished From The Universe Records at reuben@anemeraldcity.com