Dro Carey

Dro Carey is the primary musical project and production alias of Sydney DJ and composer Eugene Ward. Landing somewhere in between dance, grime and electronica, the Sydney-based producercreates soundscapes that are not only intelligent but uniquely nomadic. Following releases on labels such as Greco-Roman, TTT and Templar Sound, Ward returns to the scene with his new offering, the5-track Dark Zoo EP via new Melbourne imprint Soothsayer. Ward’s output as Dro Carey is notable for its experimentation with pop, grime and UK garage; sounds which seem to be largely absent from local electronic scenes.

Undaunted by the lack of a domestic context for his productions, Ward has carved out an identity as an unconventional and unique international artist. After producing for veteran UK grime MCs such as Trim and Merky Ace, and self-releasing the acclaimed Vital Trails EP, Ward’s work as Dro Carey channeled its many influences and came into its own with the 2014 ‘Club Injury Handbook’ release on vaunted London label Greco-Roman.

This EP saw Ward appeal to a larger audience, with all three tracks on the release gaining accolades from diverse corners of the dance music world, ranging from Mixmag to The Wire, with a consensus that they functioned both as direct, energetic DJ ammunition and inventive, effective songs.

Dark Zoo EP sees Ward push the limits even further within his musical explorations. From the opening kick of the Dark Zoo EP, Dro Carey presents us his vision – a heady mix of sonic textures music with his sights set firmly on the dancefloor. Across the 5 tracks, Ward shows us a different side of his harvest in each distinctive song. Whether it‚Äôs the pop moments of ‚ÄòQueensberry Rules ‚Äòand ‚ÄòDark Zoo ‚Äòwhere he employs the vocals of both KUƒåKA and FKL respectively to elevate the sonic sensory overload to new levels, to the brooding club explorations that are ‚ÄòGrow Lithe ‚Äòand ‚ÄòHidden Halls‚Äô; the EP is his musical coup d’√©tat from the outset ‚Äìsimultaneously sinister, restrained and intoxicating.