Mick Thomas

“Mick Thomas has some secret magic to his writing… he surely can write great songs that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” but of course we never do. He writes about mates, ratbags, races, places, weddings, parties, funny stuff – anything – but they are really good stories and great songs. Mick is truly a legend around the best of fair-dinkum roots venues and festivals around the country. He is a character! He is funny! He can roll up to any crappy stage and make it the centre of the universe to any audience. He will talk the leg off an old chair and play the arse off a guitar, sweat the shirt of his back and lay you in the aisles. Mick Thomas and his bands, notably ‘The Weddos’ or ‘The Sure Thing’ or MT himself are all something to behold and have been huge favourites at Port Fairy and many other festivals I have seen him play. Mick is the real deal, no doubt about that!”
Jamie McKew OAM, Festival Director, Port Fairy Folk Festival

After reconvening with long time musical cohort Mark ‘Squeezebox’ Wally, 2011 has already proven a bumper year for Mick – completing a fantastic tour of Canada with old buddies The Lowest of the Low, and a new album recorded in Portland, Oregon produced by Darren Hanlon (to be released early 2012). The rest of the year promises to be filled with his usual diet of soundtracks, production work and co-writing as well as a September spectacular with the old band Weddings, Parties, Anything. The second Mick’s Monthly Music Club – his own subscriber based monthly web broadcast- began in July and for the legion of fans that re-subscribed, this year’s club promises to continue the same rich and diverse musical offerings.

His ever evolving talents as a writer and performer and racontuer continue to define a career as intruiging as it is enduring.