Ol’55 is a retro-fifties band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 1975. Ol’55 enjoyed enormous popularity with a style that bordered on parody. The band took its name from the Tom Waits song (as covered by The Eagles).

Under the direction of manager Glenn A Baker, ‘the Fives’ managed to combine novelty retro kitsch and clever theatrics with a keen sense of pop dynamics and an acute understanding of rock ‘n’ roll. Former chartered accountant Peter Bryan became larger-than-life motor mouth front man Frankie J Holden. Ol’ 55 members included: Frankie J Holden (Vocals), Rockpile Jones (Guitar & vocals), Jimmy Manzie (Bass & vocals), Pat Drummond (Guitar & vocals), Wilbur Wilde (Sax), Geoff Plummer (Drums), Geoff “Spud” Peterkin (Drums), Mike Raffone (Vocals), Bruce Allen (Sax)
Rob Drummond (Bass), Bob Tawney (Guitar), Terry Bellew (Bass).