Palms are Al Grigg (singer, guitarist) and Tom Wallace (drummer, girlish backing vocals), who were previously in Red Riders. Brendan Walsh is on bass and Dion ‘Danger’ Ford is on riffs and hot licks.

Their latest track is ‘This Last Year’ and was recorded and mixed by their buddy Owen Penglis (Royal Headache, Straight Arrows) in his kitchen in exchange for a nice Japanese meal at that newish place in Darlington. They sat on the floor. They don’t recommend the fermented beans.

Fun Facts You Can Share With Your Friends About ‘This Last Year’…

‘This Last Year’ is a new emotional rock song by Sydney boyfriends Palms.

‘This Last Year’ is about this last year (well actually the last two years, but hey who’s counting?)

‘This Last Year’ features a bitchin’ not-to-be-missed guitar solo at 2:49.

Palms have toured nationally with Children Collide and Catcall and throughout this last year played shows alongside Django Django, DZ Deathrays, Velociraptor and Royal Headache.

Their debut album Step Brothers is out now.