The Teskey Brothers

It’s one of those fabled stories. Two brothers, Josh and Sam Teskey, make friends with two other music-minded kids Liam Gough and Brendon Love from the local neighborhood on the outskirts of Melbourne. The four teenagers begin making music together. It’s all very low-key: busking at the local farmers’ market, backyard party jams, and eventually moving up to the inner-city pubs of Melbourne. Fast-forward ten years to 2017 and The Teskey Brothers announce themselves to the world with an extraordinary debut album Half Mile Harvest. And so it goes, the ten-year overnight success story…


With its raw combination of blues and soul, Half Mile Harvest quickly caught the attention of old-school music lovers everywhere. Word-of-mouth hit fever pitch in Australia as the band sold out show after show including four huge nights at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne Zoo Twilights in front of 3,000 saturated punters, and much talked about sets at Meredith Music Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest, Falls Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival.


Half Mile Harvest features songs penned by all four band members. The record was put to tape in their own home studio, self-produced and released independently on the band’s label Half Mile Harvest Recordings. Throughout the record lead vocalist Josh Teskey sings of love, longing and heartbreak; his smoked whiskey voice soars and cracks with an undeniable authenticity. Around him the band conjures a groove and tone akin to those emanating from Stax Records sessions circa ’67. It quickly becomes apparent that these four friends are capable of much more than imitation of the greats but a dynamic soul sound that is completely their own. One of those rare chemistries that translates both on record and onstage, reminding listeners that music can still be a pure and exciting experience in the twenty-first century.


At the 2017 Music Victoria Awards the band won awards for best Soul, Funk, RnB & Gospel Album and Best Emerging Act. Soon after they were over in USA playing to packed houses at SXSW in Austin Texas followed by even more air-less sellouts at The Great Escape in Brighton UK.


Onstage the band is as tight as any in the game, bringing horns and keys into the fray to deliver a show that soars and dives with masterful dynamic. It’s anyone’s guess how far The Teskey Brothers are going to take it but the indications so far suggest the love will go deep and wide around the world for this special outfit.