Tiny Little Houses

Tiny Little Houses is Caleb Karvountzi, Sean Mullins, Clancy Bond and Al Yamin.

Melbourne newcomers Tiny Little Houses are thrilled to release their debut EP You Tore Out My Heart.

You Tore Out My Heart reads like a love letter to the first time you heard The Smiths and realised how music could make you feel. Beginning as the solo project of Caleb Karvountzis the band came together through a mutual taste for the lo-fi pop/folk sounds of the ‘90s. Citing influences such as Neutral Milk Hotel and Modest

Mouse, Tiny Little Houses have developed a formidable song-writing acumen. Their ability to deliver nuanced emotion through finely crafted compositions has already earned them high rotation on Triple J, mass acclaim across community radio and a plum spot at BIGSOUND 2015.

First single ‘Easy’ premiered on Consequence of Sound in June and was promptly earmarked as one of the best songs of 2015. It’s both dreamy and melancholic, relaying the tale of a break-up taking place midway through a date at Luna Park. The refrain “It’s not hell/ But it’s not easy” capturing the introspection that comes with unrequited love.

Similarly the EP’s opening track ‘Soon We Won’t Exist’ launches headlong into the task of working through challenging emotions. “How weird it is to think in 60 years we won’t exist” opening a lyrical exploration of topics as broad as the futility of

existence and as personal as “I’m missing you.” Caleb’s vocals pour out across acoustic guitar, drums, and a lurking melodica creating a sound somehow both tragic and uplifting. It’s heart on your sleeve songwriting that prompts repetitive listening.

You Tore Out My Heart marks a strong debut from a young band that’s definitely one to watch.