Aaron Shanahan

Aaron Shanahan’s solo project titled, Sunday, is music drawn from the Californian dessert, music that as a producer, he has provoked from its rock and rinsed from its open sky.

As musical director and singer for iconic prog-dance band Miami Horror, Aaron has spent over half a decade performing, writing and collaborating – a current of exploration that has swept him inexorably towards the heart and heat of Sunday.

Sunday is a drenching of the senses—kaleidoscopic pop drifting over modulating textures. Much like the desert that inspired them, Sunday‘s songs unfold gradually—gentle permutations that bloom into the mesmeric and ethereal.

This same serene detail that defines Sunday has made Aaron a much sought-after collaborator. In just a few years he has toured with the likes of Phoenix, Crystal Fighters, Washed Out, Empire of the Sun and collaborated with Goldroom, Gigamesh, Saint Lou Lou, George Maple and many more.

Sunday marks a return to the solitary—an audible symmetry between the artifact and the unknown. The forthcoming single ‘Waiting For You’ has already been chosen to appear in Robert Coppola Schwartzman’s directorial debut—just one of many singles Sunday will release over the course of 2016.