Off the back of the successful 2015 EP Awake For Days, Australian duo ALTA has accumulated over one million plays on Soundcloud and Spotify, a cosy number 5 spot on the overall hype machine charts and sold out shows across their home base in Melbourne.

Playing to their strengths and the layered harmonies their loyal fans love, producer Julius Dowson and vocalist Hannah Lesser have been busy expanding the parameters of their music. If the crowds are anything to go by, the way ALTA have pushed their sound is more than well received. And it’s exactly that sound that proves their credentials; piquing the interest of record label Soothsayer; to whom they’ve just signed.

Sincere is the latest EP collaboration between the pair. While still staying true to the hypnotic experimental pop sound they’re known for, Sincere is a commendable advancement in terms of its production and complexity, and there’s subtleties to it that suggest there’s more than meets the ear.