Antony & Cleopatra

After signing with Dew Process / Universal Music Australia in 2017, everything has been on the rise for the transcontinental outfit. Starting off as an odd pairing of two different souls from different lands, London based Antony & Cleopatra (Alexander Burnett & Anita Blay) are the product of a pop writing session gone astray. Growing up on different sides of the same tracks, with emotional pulls in opposite hemispheres, Antony & Cleopatra are poles apart, yet, as history would show us, opposites attract.

The soulful dance music that Antony & Cleopatra make is classic sounding, yet completely modern. It is graceful, yet powerful. Their take on electronica is as much inspired by late 80s US house and 70s disco as it is by the UK garage and bass heavy sounds of today. Finding inspiration in all things classic: sights, sounds, feelings, textures and motives, coupled with new technology come new sounds, new motives and new ways of doing things, thus bringing the past into the future.

Collaboration has been key to the duo’s success, first appearing in 2014 with appearances on Lancelot’s ‘Givin’ it Up’/’Make Ends Meet’, Beni‘s house jam ‘Protect’, and Nicky Night Time’s modern classic ‘Careful Baby’ the pair then put out impressive solo singles in the form of ‘Sirens’, ‘Take Me’ and ‘Love Is A Lonely Dancer’. A&C are a sought after pairing, lending soulful vocals to many collaborations and guest productions. Most recently, featuring on Motez’s latest single ’The Future’, which has over 5 million streams on Spotify.

Meanwhile, Antony & Cleopatra’s Alexander Burnett (ex-Sparkadia) has lent his songwriting craft to countless hits such as DJ Snake’s ‘Talk’, Tieks’ ‘Say A Prayer’, LDRU’s ‘To Be Free’, Alison Wonderland’s ‘U Don’t Know’ and ‘Run’, Flight Facilities’ ‘I Didn’t Believe’, Motez’s ‘Own Up’, Hayden James’ gold selling record ‘Something About You’, as well as songs with Japanese Wallpaper, George Maple, Paces and many more

Their pulsating new single ‘The Islands’ which was released April 2018, sees the duo once again utilize their hypnotic vocals and four-on-the-floor beat combo to transfixing effect – a natural progression from their vogue-worthy earlier singles, ‘Dust’ and ‘Twitch’.