Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter Aurelia is a star on the rise, and as it would seem, doing everything in reverse… Having scored numerous US Billboard top 10 releases, cracked the Triple J Hottest 100, multiple American Blues Music Awards nominations and a nod from the Grammy board, all before releasing a note of her own music… Aurelia has carved out a niche as a co-writing tool of force… Having worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the industry and on the ground with new and upcoming artists, she has found a home connecting to, and capturing songs that reflect each individual artists voice.

Outside of music, Aurelia is a practitioner of Martial Arts at the highest international level. Her international training, and her focus and dedication to a lifetime pursuit of understanding energy, forms the basis of her skills to access the heart of a lyric, a melody, a song… With no direct musical influences, her style has developed from a sense of rhythmic flow born out of her Martial Arts practices. Her melodies are as striking as they are beautiful, and with a lyrical thematic spectrum ranging from the intimacy and quiet pain of heartbreak to the universal perspective of greater humanity, her ability to connect to where an artist is, and where they want to go, is incomparable.

Aurelia has spent the last 12 months developing her own sound, and has fiercely pursued the vision of how she sees her own music forming with unwavering determination. She has kept this process out of the social media eye so as to be able to create without compromise or influence, and she says recently that process has begun nearing its end… This has resulted in the much awaited release of Aurelia’s debut single premiered by Pilerats, and accompanying video premiered by Rolling Stone, a raw but mystical demo version of the track Are We Losing.

The best references for Aurelia’s own music is a classic mix of Florence, Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey, with a sonic soundscape reminiscent of Enya and unique vocal stylings that have seen her compared to the fragility and strength of Billie Holiday…

Aurelia is currently working between Melbourne and Los Angeles.