Beccy Cole

For over 25 years, Beccy Cole has been delighting Australian music fans with her unique brand of true entertainment. The South Australian star’s glowing warmth, husky tones, bawdy sense of humour and hundred-watt smile have helped make Beccy one of the nation’s best-loved and most celebrated artists.

With ten Golden Guitars (Country Music Awards of Australia) to her name (including four for Female Artist of the Year), as well as multiple ARIA Top 10 Country and Top 40 Mainstream albums, a Top 10 DVD, three gold-certified releases, and more than a dozen No.1 Australian country singles, Beccy Cole is one of Australia’s most successful singer-songwriters. She is also a most sought after live performer, having a reputation for bringing an audience to fever pitch and quite often, stomach clutching laughter!

Beccy Cole’s latest album, ‘Lioness’ is nothing short of stunning. A collection of self-penned, personal and poignant songs perfectly displaying Beccy’s strength of character, huge heart and razor sharp wit. In an Australian first, Beccy procured the talents of some of Australia’s finest female musicians to make the only ever 100% female produced album. Produced by Julz Parker, known best for her amazing guitar work in Australian award winning band, Hussy Hicks, this is a Beccy Cole album with a new sound, a new band and a new outlook on life beyond forty.

The title track, ‘Lioness’, allows a glimpse into Beccy’s personal life as she explores a world beyond falling in love (Beccy married successful cabaret and jazz performer, Libby O’Donovan earlier in 2018).

In a series of short stories, Beccy takes the listener on a journey of mishap (her wit shining through), returning to a chorus declaring life better with her partner – “I’m a scaredy-cat sometimes but I’m a lioness with you.” With a driving kick drum and a powerful electric guitar, this is one made for number ten on the volume knob.

In a change of pace, Beccy journeys back to childhood with the bluegrass-esque track, ‘Coromandel Valley.’ The harmonies from Libby O’Donovan, Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker absolutely make this song and will indeed transport you to the Adelaide Hills where a young Beccy Cole began life. Fans who love Beccy for her wild side will not be disappointed with track 3, a ballsy drinking song called ‘Wine Time.’ A ‘Little Feet’ style groove is set by drummer, Ali Foster and again, the harmonies and Beccy’s humour shines through.

In another first for Beccy Cole, she plays guitar for the first time on one of her studio records. Her picking is extraordinary on ‘Are You Coming Over’ as is her song writing. Clare O’Meara features on fiddle in this toe-tapping drinking song about er…getting drunk!

Track 5 is a good old cheating song, what’s a country record without one? Showing off her bluesy vocal tones, Beccy does not disappoint with this ballad about blurring the lines of right and wrong. ‘They Won’t Call It Cheating’ could be placed back in the 60s and sound perfectly at home on a Patsy Cline record.
Dedicated to her new spouse, ‘My Wife’s Got Balls’ has to be heard to be believed! With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Beccy pays tribute to her extreme ‘justice-freak’ wife, this one is sure to bring some laughs at live shows.
Beccy has become a strong role model for the LGBTI community, especially in rural Australia. ‘My God’ is an emotional look at the recent struggles she and many others had during the marriage equality debate. In beautifully worded poignancy, this song certainly gets you thinking.

By popular demand, Beccy included her tribute to the Country Music Channel, ‘Look Ma, I’m on CMC’ on the album. After having written the song for a performance on the CMC awards 2 years ago (where Beccy played all instruments in the band), Beccy received an overwhelming amount of requests from fans to include the song on her next album. There’s no doubt it’s a fun track and the bass work of Shireen Khemlani is very clever.

The only song on the album not written by Beccy is ‘I’m So Excited.’ Banjo girl, Taylor Pfeiffer sets the pace in this very laid back version of the well-known Pointer Sisters hit. Beccy was asked to sing this song at both Mardi Gras and a Commonwealth Games LGBT event; “It’s always fun so why not throw it on the album too!” says Beccy.

Anyone following Beccy closely will know that she has an extremely close relationship with her Grandmother, Gloria. Almost 99, Gloria remains Beccy’s hero and the subject of many of her songs (‘Gloria’s Roses,’ ‘Tea For Three’). The Milliner gives us an insight into Gloria’s early life, having been born in 1919 and beginning full time work as a teenager. The song is simply breathtaking and the harmonies bring a tear, as do the incredible lyrics and melody, written together with Libby O’Donovan.

Beccy Cole’s wit strikes again with ‘Our Souls.’ If you listen and think it might be a jab at real people, you’re 100% right! Tight-lipped about the details, Beccy claims only that the song is true and the people involved no longer work for her, nor will they ever!

The album finishes with just Beccy on guitar singing a song sure to tug at the heart-strings of mothers everywhere. ‘I Believe In You’ is a mother coming to terms with her son becoming a man. There are moments where you can hear the vulnerability in Beccy’s voice, a close tear perhaps. It’s very special indeed.

Following the successful 2017 release ‘The Great Country Songbook Volume 2,’ with good mate, Adam Harvey, ‘Lioness’ is Beccy’s 12th album release and a good indication that Beccy Cole is still in for the long haul. A self-confessed ‘gig pig,’ Beccy Cole is at her happiest on the road and entertaining Australian audiences. Whether singing in front of (but not for) the American President, entertaining Australian troops in the Middle East or at the RSL of a small rural town, Beccy has always given her all and we imagine, always will!

Beccy Cole is the real deal, a working mother, a comedienne, an author, a passionate supporter of Aussie Rules Football and as honest, funny and genuine in real life as she comes across on stage. Her ability to laugh at herself and write her songs and tell her stories with such brazen truth is refreshing and most of all, entertaining.
Beccy Cole leaves an indelible impression.