Black Cab

Melbourne band Black Cab is Andrew Coates, James Lee and Steve Law. Formed in 2004, Black Cab’s sound has ranged from psychedelic kraut rock to Germanic electronic, often drawing inspiration from Europe and America in the 1960′s and ’70′s.

Black Cab’s debut album, Altamont Diary was released in Australia in late 2004, in the UK in Sept. 2005 and across Europe via Stickman Records in March 2006. Produced by Woody Annison, Altamont Diary received rave reviews around the world for it’s weird take on the fateful free concert at Altamont Speedway in late 1969. Black Cab’s second album, Jesus East, was produced by Brisbane based producer Magoo and was released in Australia in September 2006. The band toured Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium in May 2007 to support the European release of Jesus East through Stickman Records, including a European tour EP of remixes and live material (Surrender EP).

Black Cab’s third album, Call Signs was released in Australia in July 2009 through Sydney label Laughing Outlaw. Call Signs featured a return to keyboards and found sounds loosely inspired by 1970′s East Germany and the notorious Stasi state security organisation. The album was produced by Woody Annison (Children Collide, ‘Altamont Diary’) and features a guest lead vocal from Died Pretty‘s legendary frontman Ron S. Peno. The first double track single ‘Rescue‘/’Black Angel‘ was released in June ’09. ‘Black Angel’ is a tribute to the tragic genius ’70′s singer songwriter Judee Sill. In February 2010 Call Signs was shortlisted for the 2009 Australian Music Prize.

Since Call Signs, Black Cab released a single and remix EP, Sexy Polizei, in June 2010. Their latest single, Combat Boots was released in June 2011.

The band are currently working on their fourth album.