I played drums for Kid Confucius for nine years before our break-up in early 2010. This was a great time. We toured the country together, played huge shows and released three albums. And I’m proud of all of them. Never made any money but hey. There were many reasons for it ending, none that required legal action I’m happy to say, but the tide of years and personal divergence became too great to hold back.

The break-up was a big thing for me, after a musicless period spent running down bleak career-paths, contemplating bleak expectations that come with grown-upism, I decided that for better or worse music had become too integral a part of who I was. I started putting together material for a new project in the spring of that year. The music was very different to Kid Confucius. Some stuff we had actually tried and abandoned with KC, such was the disconnect between the songs I was writing and the only available outlet I had for those songs.

After years of painstaking recording in pretty decadent studios with Kid C, I enlisted the help of some close friends to record an album on a laptop in my apartment. The songs draw pretty heavily on the post Kid C soul-search, that period acted as an irresistible catalyst to create. The album will be called Friends Ago and will be out early to mid next year.

I don’t want to try to explain the music too much – you can just listen to it – except to say the songs have come from situations in my life that have pushed me to create something out of the muck, to salvage or to celebrate, to explain or to purge. Hopefully this all comes across.

A single launch tour is happening in February 2012 for the first single, Animal.