Cameron Avery

Be it with a woman or an existence, infatuation and sentimentality seem to rule the world of West Australian artist Cameron Avery. Sonically his music reeks of classic familiarity, paired with lyrics laden with romantic debris, so it’s no surprise he has made Los Angeles his creative playground over the past two years.

Cameron cut his bread in the Perth local music community and has been heavily involved in the relentless touring exploits of POND and Tame impala for the past 5 years. Not unlike his prolific Perth cohorts he has also managed to release an EP, ‘Clever Leaver’ and a full length album ‘What Would Christ Do??’ in a project of his own brainchild called ‘The Growl.’

His solo debut, due out sometime in 2017, flips in-between introverted thought and extroverted comment, all the while drawing on the environment he has been submerged in. Very clear, ambitious and cinematic, likening more to influences such as Serge Gainsbourg and Lee Hazelwood, stepping away from the carnal, distortion soaked sound of a Growl record. Avery quotes, “I tried to keep the raw masculinity in the tunes, which I like in music, but also felt there was some room for some fragility and honesty. In saying that, I don’t think I could have been overly metaphorical if I tried, love songs are the best songs.”