Cave Circles

Cave Circles is now the main DJ/ production name for renowned NZ musician Riki Gooch.

After recording two hugely successful and admired albums with Wellington reggae combo Trinity Roots, Gooch has embarked on a musical career which is as intriguing as it is eclectic. His name is a byword for a restless, intelligent and profound musicality that he brings to all he does.

From leading the Funkadelic  inspired big band ensemble Eru Dangerspiel, to performing and recording alongside a diverse range of artists – from  Lord Echo, Orchestra Of Spheres, Recloose, Fabulous Arabia, Fat Freddys Drop, Seven Davis Jnr and Wild Bill Ricketts, Gooch has shown himself to be both a superb collaborator, and a bold innovator in his own right.

Drawing on musical influences as varied as Rap,  Detroit Techno, Batira/ Kuduro and Angolan Techno, Chicago House, Free Jazz and Improvised music, as well as soul, gospel and R’n’B, Gooch has amalgamated his many influences to create something far more than the sum of its’ parts; something which inspires and challenges, while never losing sight of music’s ability to entertain and excite.

Gooch has 2 releases this year,

RPM records have released a 12” Limited pressing of My Heart Is A Beating Drum by Cave Circles, which explores the realms of techno and house music with vintage, faulty drum machines and analog synthesis. Each cover sleeve has been crafted by hand and is limited to 200 copies.

Wonderful Noise is proud to present the debut, Japanese release from Cave Circles titled APRICITY and it has been influenced and dedicated to his son Kiva. It features the vocal talents of Seven Davis Jnr, Parks  and Black Rainbow

2017 is shaping up as a huge year on the release front, with releases on no less than five different labels, including Secret Angels ( Los Angeles ) the Wellington-based RPM, the Japanese Wonderful Noise, and the UK-based R2 Records.

He is presently performing regularly with/ as Orchestra Of Spheres, DJ Oboe, Some Other Planets Collective and 0-0.