In her latest single, ‘Colors’, it takes a leading role. Full of quiet intensity, the song breathes with emotion, a delicate dance of harmonies in which Charlz’ captivating vocals are both principal and corps.

Released on Risqué, ‘Colors’ was born from collaboration with ARIA Award winning producer M- Phazes, best known for his work with Amy Shark, Alison Wonderland and Eminem. “I was paired up with Mark at a songwriting workshop in Melbourne, early on in his career. We spent all day in the Abbotsford Convent, drinking wine and making music.”
A friend and mentor to Charlz ever since, she describes the invaluable role M-Phazes has played in her life. “I’ve worked with so many different producers over the years, but it feels most familiar with Mark gets what I’m going for every time.”

Growing up in progressive Melbourne, her supportive parents encouraged Charlz by sending her to arts- based schools, “the kind where they’d have animals in the classroom,” she laughs. Writing and recording from the age of twelve, Charlz realised an innate ability for creating memorable melodies. She quickly developed a reputation as a prodigy level writer, landing a Major Publishing deal just out of high school and embarking on national tours.

Though appreciative of her early introduction to the industry, Charlz struggled to find a balance, a lack of mentorship causing her to take a career hiatus for a few years. But the melodies didn’t stop coming. One sunrise, on a balcony overlooking Sydney’s sparkling waterways, ‘Colors’ was born. “It came to me on a morning that marked quite a spiritual change in my life. I decided to start putting in the work to lead a different life, and become more in touch with myself and the world.”

After four years, Charlz felt ready to return to the music industry “with my head screwed on properly”. Embarking on a six-month journey of creative discovery in Los Angeles, she learnt a whole new approach to music. “Over there they treat it as a lifestyle but it’s also a hardcore job. They live and breathe music.”
Charlz returned to Melbourne in late 2017 with a freshly signed publishing deal from Kobalt Music, and an international list of collaborators as intriguing as it is impressive. From Deadmau5 protégé ATTLAS, to UK phenom Maths Time Joy and Grammy Award winner Latroit, Charlz’s quiet aura and creative magnetism allowed her to connect with some of electronic music’s most elusive producers.

In November Charlz debuted her single ‘Feather’ back in Australia to a 5000-strong Festival Hall crowd in Melbourne, opening for US RNB superstar Khalid.
Now armed with a collection of subtle, arty pop hits ready for release, the world is about to see what Charlz is really about. Listen for sleek and understated production, raw grooves and deep thoughts, expressed by a voice which traverses the octaves as lightly as a leaf in the wind.