Dave Graney & Clare Moore

From their beginnings in Adelaide via Melbourne via London post-punk band The Moodists, Dave and Clare’s creative partnership has spanned countless projects including Dave Graney ‘n’ the Coral Snakes (during which the self-proclaimed ‘King of Pop’ won an ARIA for Best Australian Male Artist); the country-flavoured R&B act The White Buffalos; a series of acclaimed solo albums including the double album Hashish and Liquor where the two were responsible for a disc each, and various soundtrack work for ABC documentaries as well as the motion picture Bad Eggs.

Death of a Chook (Documentary)

Artists in work, Gasworks & MReam (ABC Documentaries)

Artists in work, William Eicholtz (ABC Documentary)

Robert Helpmann (ABC documentary)

Ray (Short Film) Dir: Tony Mahony

Bad Eggs (Feature Film) Dir: Tony Martin