Sonically careening between peaks of intensity and quiet moments like the beginning of a storm, Decortica’s third album is an engrossing affair from start to finish.

Recorded and produced by long-time collaborator David Holmes (Jakob, Kerretta), “11811” continues Decortica’s journey into the depths of angular alternative rock, while exploring elements of prog, hard rock and alternative-metal.

While more abstract in theme than its predecessors “A New Aesthetic” and “Love Hotel,” “11811” honours the driving and torrential sound that Decortica have established as their signature.

Musically, the direction Decortica took for “11811” was one where they could distil the dynamics of the band’s repertoire into a heavy, dissonant yet harmonic and beautiful work. From the frantic power of first single “Helix,” to the eerily cacophonous “Reservoir,” to the mechanical anthemic pulse of the title track where Mathew Bosher’s vocals pour out “And I want you to know, all you thin men, it begins with me / And now your magnificent city is all mine,” “11811” is never lacking in mystique and force.

“Lyrically, the songs are bound by a thematic framework of code, patterns and design as means of expression,” says Bosher. “This was in response to abstract visual art and makes reference to sci-fi films.” The lyrical theme is accompanied by dense riff-driven rock instrumentation, delivering a multi-layered album that surprises at every turn.

Decortica translate their recorded work into a live show renowned for its energy, having toured New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Africa. “11811” furthers the group’s pursuit of an uncompromising strain of alternative rock music.