Distant Lover

DISTANT LOVER is the name under which London-based Sydney native, Simon Jones, is creating a DIY universe of slowed-down, dreamy, rhythmic love songs. He is best known for his work as The Holidays, enjoying much critical acclaim for their 2010 debut Post Paradise and later more international success with singles like ‘Voices Drifting’ from their sophomore record. Jones relocated to London last year to pursue his vision free from any expectations or deadlines and has quietly been making artworks, writing and recording music that is at the same time blissfully nostalgic and stylishly futuristic. With little more than an 8-track tape machine, some synths, guitar and a drum kit, DISTANT LOVER gives a tender nod to his musical ancestors, encompassing ethereal touches of 70s soft rock, electronica, shoegaze and 90s RnB.

‘Heavens Above’ is the first taste of the DISTANT LOVER aesthetic and it finds the listener gently floating on fuzz between a siren’s call and loose tribal rhythm.