The DomNicks

Opening proceedings on the brand new DomNicks full length CD release. Super Real is the first full length album from the Perth swagger and roll band which opens with the Nick Sheppard song Cool Runnings. Nick paints a musical picture of life as a devil may care teenager of the early eighies where he would perform with his Bristol bred punk outfit The Cortinas which later led to his time in The Clash.

Cut to 2007 and Nick meets Perth garage rock/power pop legend Dom Mariani (The Stems, DM3). They team up with Howard Shawcross bass man (The Elks, Dave Warner) and Marz Frisina on the drums. The band soon garners keen interest around the Perth scene as a must-see live sensation combining Dom and Nick’s magic weaving guitar styles and songwriting with a rhythm section that sounds like Motown and the Faces combined. In 2009 The DomNicks released the EP Hey Rock ‘N’ Roller, the band’s first assault on CD through Off the Hip Records. Consisting of five Nick and two Dom penned tracks, Hey Rock ‘n’ Roller was mixed by the formidable duo of Rob ‘Radio Birdman’ Younger and Wayne Connolly (producer of You Am I and The Vines) and went on to sell well in their hometown and right across Australia.

Now following in the footsteps of their debut CD, the foursome are preparing to release their first full length album, Super Real. Comprising 12 songs, this platter is sure to please fans and new listeners alike. Super Real expands on the Hey Rock ‘N Roller sound and takes a ride through some different grooves. There’s the exiled Stones sound of Reconcile, the brazen brass and swing of Let’s Go Baby and the Northern Soul flavours in I Wonder What You’re Doing Now. The rest of the album takes in the blues, funk, soul and power pop. Recorded at Kingdom, Loop and Real to Real studios over a 12 month period, Super Real is classic rock and roll that’s bound to cause the head and heart to shake.

Since 2007 The DomNicks have performed at Perth’s top venues including Mojos, Clancys, The Flying Scotsman, Mustang Bar, Norfolk Basement, Fremantle Arts Centre, Devilles Pad and regularly at Settler’s Tavern in Margaret River. They have also toured with Aussie rock legends The Hoodoo Gurus, supported The Doobie Brothers and conducted a lightning campaign in 2010 to Melbourne and Sydney performing at the Joe Strummer Tribute gig Revolution Rock.