Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Taking their name from a small gadget used in electrical circuitry, Eddy Current Suppression Ring jumped fully formed from the womb and have in their three short years of existence perfected their own unique take on this rock’n’roll business.

Their songs seem to have written themselves and are memorable classics one and all; strap early Saints and Wire to the bones of X, have ’em slice up the ’60s songbook and you’re close.

These unassuming gents are arguably the most engaging live band in the land, and have fostered an insane diehard who are hanging from the rafters at every show in Melbourne and Sydney. Without hype or industry connections of any kind they have earned a fanatical following across the country for two reasons: their songs and their gigs.

It’s not often you get a band who get the girls dancing, the guys dancing and snooty label types such as yours truly proclaiming their set among the very finest rock’n’roll songs to have emanated from this country. This LP will not only go down as one of the finest of 2006, but will be remembered as a landmark Australian rock album.

“ECSR are one hell of a band, and in fact may just be the best currently operational rock unit in Australia today. A four-piece w/ no apparent pretentions whatsoever, they’ve nailed a sound which no one in living memory has managed to perfect south of the equator. Your future favourite Australian band will be Eddy Current Suppression Ring.” Dave Lang