Fiction Writer

Fiction Writer’s debut single “No Rumour” is a fuzz-drenched, sass-filled stomper of a dance-rock tune. Squished guitars, sizzling hats and belting drums mince through a propulsive racket falling somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and DFA, as Bensen’s distinctive voice yelps of hurts and emotion.

The striking video for ‘No Rumour’ was choreographed by Richard House, dancer and choreographer for the Australian Ballet. The noirish tale depicts an uneasy parallel between dancers, each facet of their relationship a masquerade of ulterior motives.

The Sydney-based Vocalist/Guitarist and songwriter Gideon Bensen released a debut EP of experimental ‘80s influenced new-wave pop under his own name in late 2015.  He then departed from The Preatures in March 2016 and has been stealthily working on a brand new guise. Bensen has now drawn a stark line between both his previous band and self with his new band: Fiction Writer.

No Rumour was produced alongside Dave Hammer (Washington/Thundamentals) and mixed by Chris Collins (Middle Kids/Gang of Youths).  No Rumour is Track 1 of the forthcoming EP on Puncture Records out now.