Games Night

In between learning what it was to be an adult, working casual jobs, and finding any excuse to hang out with friends even if in questionable locations; Jonas Nicholls spent a fair bit of his early adult life hidden away with his guitar in his bedroom, in his backyard, and even in the slightly eery basement below his local cafe recollecting the highs and lows of being young and embracing all the cliches of growing up. 

Over time, Jonas had accumulated a catalogue of home-recorded songs, of which form the basis of Games Night’s debut album, ‘Youthful Indecision’.

Finding a bassist for Games Night was as easy as knocking on Beth Koulyras’ bedroom door, which was right beside his own. Completing the lineup is lead guitarist Ryan Curtis (Doom Loops), and drummer James Butler. Despite a breach of lease warning, Games Night home-recorded ‘Youthful Indecision’ in Jonas and Beth’s apartment in Newtown and continue to rehearse there (at reasonable hours and at very low volume).