The Good Ship

Salty, scruffy and a little salacious, The Good Ship is a very bad ship. Their folk-country-pop-rock sounds draw comparisons with the likes of Nick Cave, The Decemberists and The Pogues, and the carousing and chaotic eight piece line up features mandola, banjo, lagerphone, guitar, trumpet, accordion and drums, as well as a not so heavenly host of voices. The success of their 2010 debut album Avast! Wretched Sea and their rousing live shows have seen the band snag a legion of dedicated fans, play to packed houses around the country and perform at major festivals including Woodford and Brisbane Festival.

They’ve just completed their second album O’ Exquisite Corpse, a work of dark, sweaty, heaving beauty, featuring The Good Ship’s trademark blend of sweet melodies and debauched lyrics. The band have managed to create an album steeped in rich harmonies and lush instrumentation, all the while retaining the shambolic glory of their live show.

The album was produced by the band in conjunction with Neil Coombe at The White Room Studios, whose credits include DZ Deathrays, The Go Betweens and the John Steel Singers. It was a difficult and somewhat messy birth, with much
of the recording done in loungerooms and bedrooms across Brisbane, before being masterfully brought together by Neil.
The result is 11 songs that range from sugary pop to rollicking country to the darkest balladry. The overwhelmingly dark themes of death, murder, prostitution and the supernatural are tempered by snippets of humour and light.