Greg J. Walker

Greg J. Walker is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, song-writer and producer based in Victoria’s lush South Gippsland, just outside of Melbourne. Most recently known for his work on the ABC’s hugely successful Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and The Time Of Our Lives television series, Greg has an impressive screen composing CV which includes drama (Stranded, The Wedding Party) and award winning documentaries (Then The Wind Changed, Girl In A Mirror, Bombora – The History Of Australian Surfing). Greg has been nominated for several Screen Composing awards and his work combines folk, classical and electronic elements to create unique sonic signatures. As a music producer his work includes award winning albums for Paul Kelly, C.W. Stoneking and Jess Ribiero among many others. Greg J. Walker also writes and records as Machine Translations, a band with a rich and acclaimed back catalogue going back to the early 90s. Machine Translations latest critically acclaimed album ‘The Bright Door’ has been nominated for the prestigious Australian Music Prize.


Film and TV Credits



Molly (TV Series Composer)

The Time Of Our Lives (TV Series Composer)

2012 – Current
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (TV Series Composer) (Miss Fisher’s Theme Sheet Music available here)

The Wedding Party (Feature Film) Composer

Mother of Rock: The Life & Times Of Lillian Roxon (Documentary)

East Of Everything (TV series 2) – music composer/ producer

Bombora: History of Australian Surfing (Documentary) – music composer/ producer

The Lost Key (Animated film) – music mixer

Australia (Feature Film) – music performer/producer

East Of Everything (TV series 1) – music composer/ producer

Stranded (Telemovie) – music composer/producer

Girl In A Mirror (Documentary) – music composer/ producer

This King Of Thing (Short film) – music composer/ producer

Artists At Work (Documentary series) – music composer