As a member of the girl group-loving Pipettes, Gwenno Saunders became well known to discerning pop fans worldwide. The Welsh-born singer/musician had a rich performing life both before and after she donned a polka dot dress. Born in Cardiff, Wales to a poet father and a mother who was a member of a socialist vocal choir, Saunders started her performing life early. She began dancing at the age of five, and eventually made it all the way to Las Vegas as a member of a production of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance before turning to music. Singing in Welsh, she began recording electro-pop, eventually releasing two EPs (Môr Hud in 2002 and Vodya in 2004) before joining up with the Pipettes in 2005. While recording and touring with them, she found time to concentrate on her own solo work, releasing the U & I mini-album in 2007. The Pipettes went through lineup changes until only Gwenno and her sister Ani were left to record their second album, 2010’s Earth vs. the Pipettes. The band broke up the next year and Gwenno ended up playing keyboards for Australian dance act Pnau in 2012 as they toured with Elton John backing their joint Good Morning to the Night album. That same year, she returned to her Welsh roots for the solo EP Ymbelydredd under the name Gwenno and soon began work on more solo material. After releasing a string of EPs for the Welsh label Peski that saw her expanding her lo-fi electro-pop sound into something bigger and more impressive, she released her first solo album, Y Dydd Olaf, in 2014. The album, which is sung entirely in Welsh and Cornish and is based on Owain Owain’s 1976 sci-fi novel of the same name, sold out its first pressing and she was soon signed to Heavenly Records, which reissued the album in July of 2015. ~ Tim Sendra