Heinz Riegler

Heinz Riegler is an Austrian born artist sharing his time between Europe and Australia. Following a number of years as a member of a variety of groups, Riegler has focused on solo compositions and performances in recent years.

As founder and principal songwriter of group Not From ere, his work has been critically acclaimed as well as reaching a worldwide audience. Not From ere was founded in London in the late 1980’s and released numerous recordings and performed extensively until the year 2000.

Riegler’s work with Brisbane based group I/O3 (with Lawrence English and Tam Patton) has equally received global attention. Two LP’s have been released on the prestigious Room 40 label. As member of I/ O3, Riegler has collaborated with renowned improvisers such as Mike Cooper, Ben Frost, David Toop, Scanner and DJ Olive.

Following a brief tenure in Brisbane post-punk group Nightstick, Riegler began to focus on solo works, writing as well as performing material from forthcoming releases.

In 2009, Riegler curated an extensive season of improvised live scores for Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art – GoMA. e three month season [Out of e Shadows:German Expressionism And Beyond] saw Riegler handpick artists to perform live scores to “lm as well as take on a number of performances in solo-mode. Since then Riegler has released two limited edition recordings of solo material, has contributed to recordings by e Nation Blue, e Rational Academy and Scott Spark, scored a soundtrack for a Paul W Rankin short “lm and performed live – both solo as well as group improvisations in Australia and the UK. In early 2011, Riegler spent three months in seclusion high in the Austrian Alps to write and complete a number of recording projects as well as create a recently awarded short film.

2012 will see Riegler release two full length recordings of new material, creating installations in both Australia and Europe, collaborating with TD Architects for Open House Rotterdam as well as scoring the soundtrack for a new inter-disciplinary installation in collaboration with Australian visual artist Allyson Reynolds.

Riegler is an ARIA Award winner, a multiple ARIA Award nominee, was twice short listed for the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship and has recently named Winner at M.I.C.A’s TonBild 2011 Vienna Audio Visual Awards.

Reviews for Survey #2

“…[Riegler] composed an album of surprising stillness and beauty, both powerful and subtle and clearly the product of his self imposed exile….truly an amazing work of electro acoustic beauty.”

“……a spectacular recording.”

“….a lingering, timeless musical experience…”

“Amazingly some guy who spent three months in an isolated log cabin writing a record actually brought out something that isn’t shit.”

“….was reminded of Pascal Comelade, but less plink-plonk on the piano, or Flim. Rather intimate music, moody but not depressing/depressed sounding….”

“….the musical palette and the mood keep changing, subtly but compellingly.”

“….almost like you’re listening to the process of creation.”

“…..mystery is part of what makes the album so compelling – not just the beauty and complexity of the sounds or the ideas and story that your mind cannot help create, but a combination of all these elements, and so much more that is impossible to try and put into words.”

“With “Ascent (Vollmond II)” Riegler has made one of the single most life affirming tracks of the year. It’s patient and warm yet frigid enough to remind you that without the cold you wouldn’t understand what warmth truly felt like.”