Holidays On Ice

Holidays On Ice is a collaboration between Angie Hart (Frente!), Dean Manning (Leonardo’s Bride) & Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint).

The trio began working together in 2007 when the then Holidays On Ice drummer, in a spinal tap moment, imploded two days out from a national tour. Manning says, ‘A friend gave me Stella’s number. She came over for a jam, nailed it and I haven’t recorded with anyone since. She’ s the best’.

The trio’s new album, The Luxury of Wasted Space, is a tongue in cheek reference to the modern aversion to emptiness, and was produced and recorded by Dean in his living room to eight track reel to reel.

The album features mixes by Nick Mainsbridge (Hummingbirds, Triffids), Justin Stanley (Jamie Lidell, Clapton) & Sparklehorse vet Scott Minor. Brisbane legend Magoo has pitched in with radio mixes.

The Luxury of Wasted Space used crowd-funding model Pozible; Dean offered 20 small original paintings as rewards. The paintings included instruments featured in the making of the album – an omnichord, a tape delay, guitars, stomp boxes etc. The group made their target in record time.

Holidays On Ice’s previous albums include 2005’s Playing Boyfriends & Girlfriends and the follow up in 2009, Pillage Before Plunder.

 ‘Holidays On Ice is our antidote band. It’s all care, no responsibility just making music with great friends. We all have other projects and pursuits so it’s taken a while getting around to this album. It’s just good to reconnect again’.