Ill Nino

The New Jersey-based Latin metal sextet Ill Nino includes members Cristian Machado (vocals), Dave Chavarri (drums), Marc Rizzo (guitars), Jardel Paisante (guitars), Lazaro Pina (bass), and Roger Vasquez (percussion). Most of its members are of South American descent, resulting in a type of music that combines crunchy heavy metal with Latin rhythms and lyrics that alternate between English and Spanish.

Their Victory Records’ debut, Dead New World, was released October 25th 2010, which landed ILL NINO on the main stage at Soundwave Festival 2011, playing for an endless sea of headbanging fans. In response to the flood of support, even ESPN enlisted the guys to write a custom track to play during their NFL Latin coverage. Their ability to infuse melody into dangerously dark metal continues to get metal-heads on the edge of their seats waiting for what they’ll unleash next.

The wait was finally over on October 22nd, 2012 with the release of their latest album Epidemia. Staying relevant and heavy as ever, critics and fans alike have welcomed Epidemia with open arms, delighted to hear the clean vocals, creative drumming and powerful guitar chugging they had been missing for so long. Both longtime and new fans agree that ILL NINO have cemented themselves as major players in the metal scene, as they continue to grow individually as musicians.  While the saying goes“It’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you’re going”, in the case of ILL NINO, they have, are and will always be the undisputed kings of metal.