J.P. Shilo

J.P. Shilo first appeared on the scene in the late 90s with the instrumental outfit Hungry Ghosts. Quickly capturing the attention of the late Rowland S. Howard who produced their first LP, they soon found themselves invited to the Sonic Youth studios to record a follow up album entitled Alone, Alone; which one reviewer described as “…blessed with the ability to utter a million words with a single instrumental phrase and to turn a melancholy passage into a triumphant climax.”

In recent years, J.P. Shilo has been the “go-to” man for many solo artists looking for something different to complement their music. Working alongside Mick Harvey on the critically acclaimed Rowland S. Howard LP, Pop Crimes, JP’s unique approach and techniques, added a new dimension to Howard’s songs, furthering his reputation as a highly sensitive and sought after musician. A multi-instrumentalist who thinks outside the box, he has also lent his skills to creating the “sound” of numerous Australian luminaries albums, including Adalita’s award-winning debut solo album, Close Your Eyes and See LP from The Blackeyed Susans and four of Mick Harvey’s LPs, including the latest batch of Serge Gainsbourg interpretations, Delirium Tremens and Intoxicated Women  to name just a few.

After returning from a successful European tour as part of The Triffids, JP started working on a follow up record to his previous work, As Happy as Sad is Blue, which AMG described as

“… Underground music, Outsider Art at its best…”

This new album, will include one of his most compelling works to date, a ten minute violin piece entitled S L E E P. An excerpt of this can be heard in Ghost Films latest biopic Autoluminescent on the life of Rowland S. Howard.

Jehnny Beth (Savages) said of his most recent solo work – “It captured perfectly the melancholia and beauty of death and it made me cry the first time I heard it. This was the most perfect piece of music I heard in a long time. It was written and performed for the funeral of Rowland S. Howard in Melbourne. There couldn’t be a better music for that moment. It contained all the nuances of life, with repetition constantly evolving and dear to my heart.”

Apart from his association with the “Rock” scene, J.P. Shilo has also proven his talents in the soundtrack world, providing original scores for numerous short films, including Kasimir Burgess’s Lily which screened as part of an Australian showcase at MIFF, and subsequently went on to win a Crystal Bear at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival.

While many will look for easy comparisons, J.P. Shilo creates heart-stopping music without a clear genre. Fragile in its minimalist beauty, yet able to suddenly burst open with stabbing intensity.


Hungry Ghosts – Alone, Alone

Hungry Ghosts – Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts – Debut EP

Rowland S. Howard – Pop Crimes

Mick Harvey – Sketches From The Book Of The Dead

Mick Harvey – Four (Acts Of Love)

Mick Harvey – Delirium Tremens

Mick Harvey – Intoxicated Women

The Blackeyed Susans* – Close Your Eyes And See

Adalita – Adalita

Amaya Laucirica – Sway

Early Summer, by Amaya Laucirica

Brian Hooper – Trouble

Various – The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project – Axels & Sockets

Various – The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project – The Journey Is Long


Kasimir Burgess – Lily

Paul Williams’ – Born Again

Immaculate Virtue (2010)

Sian Davies – Poetry

Sian Davies – Pinata

Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard (2011)

Fell (2014)