Jae Laffer

“With years of acclaimed songwriting accreditation up his sleeves, Laffer began a set full of Panics hits, some new songs that could be in the pipeline for release and some interesting covers of the likes of Paul Kelly, Bob Dylan and even Eurythmics. Laffer’s music is nothing short of mind-blowing and his vocals are draped in vintage class, song after song the blend of oozy sliding tones blending with piano melodies or acoustic strums. Drum Media review Australia

Jae Laffer is recognised as one of Australia’s finest songwriters; with his band The Panics he has crafted several albums worth of classic songs that embrace both stark intimacy and unapologetic grandeur.

“Sometimes one inspired musical snapshot can set the mood for an entire album. On ‘Cruel Guards’ it arrives with the sweeping strings of Get Us Home an Ennio Morricone tinged epic that somehow captures all the drama of a marauding gang riding into the sunset” MOJO Magazine UK

The Panics ‘Cruel Guards” won an ARIA and Triple J ‘Album of the Year’ while In the UK the album received rave reviews and the single “Don’t fight it” enjoyed high rotation across the nation’s airwaves. “Don’t fight it” became a Triple J hit anthem and also featured in the TV series “Underbelly”.

“Don’t Fight It, epitomises their strengths: deceptively laid-back, it sidles up with a calming blanket of Hammond organ, brass, strings and sonorous piano & a chorus “Don’t fight it if you don’t know what it is”,you are forced to agree and adopt it as a mantra. The remaining 9 tracks mine a similarly pop bliss seam” The Sunday Times UK

The Panics have received accolades from Kings of Leon and Dave Stewart who they recently recorded and toured with. Jae Laffer’s first national solo tour was supporting Noel Gallagher whose hometown of Manchester is the bands overseas base; home to Happy Mondays, the band that first spotted them in 2000 and took them to the UK to record and perform.

“You know how normally when you hear a band you can list the bands that influenced them or that they ripped off straight away? We couldn’t do it for them. They sounded like nothing I’d heard before – really melodic, almost atmospheric.” –
Nathan Followill (Kings of Leon), Rolling Stone Mag USA

In 2010 The Panics performed with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra to a sell-out crowd of over 5,000 in the outdoor setting of Kings Park WA. The band and 80 piece orchestra performed songs taken from across the band’s entire catalogue of albums.

The Panics current album, the much acclaimed “Rain on the humming wire” was written in Manchester England and recorded in New York. ‘Majesty’, the first single is a sweeping, anthemic battle cry; questioning the nature of royalty and inherited power.

“At the time, I was writing about all the strange things going through the education process as a young kid in Australia. Whether I was at school or the cub scouts there might be a picture of the Queen; English remnants and relics. Not that these things are terrible, but the song is just me questioning” Jae Laffer

Modern hymns for a generation, anthems of rash joy and quiet heartbreak.

“There are traces of The Bunnymen, The Las and Elbow but the quintet taking their cue from frontman Jae Laffer’s vivid songs have a voice of their own” The Daily Mail UK