Joe McKee

Joe Mckee is an English born, Australian raised songwriter/human based in Los Angeles. This album was written and recorded over the course of a few years in a variety of locations: friends homes, an abandoned warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, a Marijuana plantation in Northern California and aboard a cargo ship crossing the North Pacific ocean. But primarily, it was recorded in a friends barn behind a house in L.A.

This set of songs is mostly about the birth of his surprise child with a virtual stranger, the death of his dearest friend and the events that ensued. He met his daughter the day he delivered his best friends eulogy. They’re about a number of different things actually, but the album is shaped by those two seemingly cataclysmic events.

They are peculiar little ear-worms that slowly creep under the skin. Live with them. Let them wiggle around your living room while you vacuum the dog hair off your rug or while you rearrange your sock drawer.

Joe McKee isn’t an American but he’s here now. He’s an alien. An Australian alien.