John Floreani

John Floreani is inspired by romantic tragedy and beauty in life’s most simple phenomena’s. a lyrical deep dive into heartache, addiction and self loathing. Featuring the vocalist of global rock powerhouse Trophy Eyes, John Floreani is set to release his most exciting music to date over 2019. After the release of the brand new single ‘Echoes’ John Floreani has also let fans know that his debut full length solo album, sin, will be released June 7, 2019 via Hopeless Records. With musical influences ranging from indie pop/alt rock to folk/Americana, the 8-track album is the highly anticipated follow up to Floreani’s previously released EP Terrace (2014). sin is the pursuit of happiness and all that is good, built upon a foundation of vice and evil-doing. “I want to make it to heaven before the devil knows I’m dead.” 2019 will see John bringing his captivating live show to several cities worldwide.