Johnny Hunter

Johnny Hunter are Nick Hutt (vocals), Ben Wilson (guitar), Xander Burgess (guitar), Nick Cerone (bass) and Gerry Thompson (drums). As offspring of the baby-boomer generation – it’s only natural that the grit & bravado of a golden era settles into the band’s foundations. Yet make no mistake, Johnny Hunter are no revival band.

Glam-pop theatrics are delivered with a metallic, post-punk sheen and an unwavering gaze – taking the all-consuming, rock n roll charm of The New York Dolls, Siouxsie And The Banshees and Iggy Pop, and meshing them with The Church and Wire’s songwriting grace. Unapologetically, the band casts one eye firmly toward luminaries of pop’s past and present for inspiration – citing pivotal influences from Bowie to Lorde.