Kate Alexa

She’s the quirky pop songstress who captivated us last year with the cheekily titled ‘X Rated’. 2012 will see the long awaited release of Kate Alexa’s second album – Infatuation – a project that has been in the works for the past few years with collaboration from one of the UK’s hottest producers, Tom Nichols.

Growing up in a musical family, there was never any doubt that Kate would end up doing anything else. Music is what she knows best. With eight years of professional experience as a singer/songwriter – Alexa was never going to settle for less than the best for her next album.

“I really wanted to take my time to get this album the way I wanted it to be and have the chance to experiment and play around.”

Alexa spent the past few years perfecting the album – Infatuation was written and recorded in the UK, with all tracks bar one written by Alexa herself. While there’s no denying the album is quintessentially pop, as the album developed it became evident that it was going to be more than your typical bubblegum sound. It has edge.

“I worked with a number of different people and experimented with a bunch of different sounds. After a while of demoing and writing, the style of the album started to change. But as soon as I met Tom I just felt like he totally got me and the style and direction I wanted the
album to take.”

The end result is what Alexa decribes as an ‘Eclectic Mix’. A pop album with hints of electro, pop rock and in some cases, even ska. This fusion of sounds perfectly sums up the vibe of Kate Alexa – just when you think you know what to expect, she’ll take you by surprise.

The polarity in the different sounds of the tracks also reflect a range of themes found in the lyrics. A few dark gems, such as ‘Something
You Say’ and ‘Fucked Up Me’ delve into heartache and loss, but a majority of the tracks, including ‘Buttercup’ and ‘I Deny’ are reflective of Alexa’s tongue-in-cheek approach to having a good time. “It’s an honest album – it’s about growing up, going out, partying and having fun,” she says.

So stick it on repeat and play it loud – enjoy the unique sound that is Kate Alexa.