Knives At Noon

Knives at noon are best described as a collective from various parts of New Zealand, formed in 2009. The collective for 2015 consists of Tim McCartney, (vocals/guitar), Oli Wilson, (keys/bass), Tim Couch, (drums), and Paul Gauvin now fronting his own band “New Reptiles”, often guiding some of the guitar arrangements.

The collective have released over ten EP’s, some only on cassette with limited copies produced Melt, Hills of Slime (2008), Less Noise (2009), (played live and recorded, then mixed and sold on USB only on that night); several EP’s scattered randomly across various online streaming sites Second Skin, We Started a Union, Cramp from nodding, and their conventionally released and label supported Glitter Guts in 2010.

After splitting from Liberation music in 2012 the collective has maintained a strict and disciplined recording and producing schedule, consistently adding to their audio vault of unreleased material. A fraction of this material is set for an online EP release in early 2016, with the first single from it Trust Trust, already been released in May 2015 and expectedly overlooked.

During this time Oli Wilson (keys/bass), embedded himself within a small tribe in Papua New Guinea finishing off his PHD in Ethnomusicology in Non Western Cultures. He is now a lecturer at Otago University in Dunedin, records and produces up and coming bands, and also plays keys for iconic Dunedin band, “The Chills”.

Paul Gauvin (guitar), is based in Mount Maunganui (North Island), and has started and fronts a band named “New Reptiles”, touring up and down the country and opening for international acts when he’s not required for the recording sessions of the collective.

Tim Couch (drums), manages several Dunedin bands “Ha The Unclear”, and is a promoter for Dunedin’s concert venue Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Tim McCartney (vocals), based in Auckland, has embedded himself in musical theatre and is currently vocal training the cast for the city’s 2016 season of “The Phantom of The Opera”. Also trained in fine foods he works alongside chefs within the city’s fine dining scene, advising on innovative flavour correlations within their seasonal menus.

The collective primarily balance their lives with creating, producing and recording songs. Whether all these songs will be heard by outsiders is unlikely, but a small portion of these sessions will religiously continue to be EP released under the name of Knives At Noon.