OK… this is the cool, non-press version of our bio:

Raised in Queanbeyan and Canberra, Daniel and Hau met in 1992 through a mutual friend. We developed our own relationship through the love of hip hop and passion to create our own music that was based on originality, fun and maybe meeting more girls.
We released our first tape (yes, tape) the year after titled, ‘These Front Door Keys’, under the name of ‘Tribe Ledda L’. That crew consisted of Daniel (DJ Rampage/ Son of El), Hau (Fattie Boomsticks) and Hau’s cousin, Sione (JJ Tix). It was only released in Canberra. In fact, it was only available in one store in Canberra. RIP Impact Records.
A few years passed and Daniel and Hau stuck together to form Koolism. Our first release as a duo came in the form of another tape (hey, it was the mid 90’s!) titled, ‘Bedroom Shit’. Which pretty much was just that. A make-shift studio set up in a room in Kambah where we would recorded the vocals, beats and cuts live all at the same time straight to tape with no room for mistakes (although there were a few). Funny story; the tracks were recorded onto a metal cassette tape which served as the original copy. Hau then dubbed versions of it – ten tapes at a time – then sent them up to Dr. Phibes in Sydney to sell. Once they sold out, Hau would dub some more. Haha. Anyway…
Koolism went on to put out a series of vinyl only releases (yes, still in the 90’s). They were ‘Lift Ya Game’, ‘Blue Notes’ and ‘The Season’. The last two records were to be a part of a four piece collection that is yet to be completed. Ummm… we’ll see.
In 2002, Koolism released their debut album, ‘Part One’. Yes… we graduated to CD, by this stage. It was well received and pretty much stamped our authority on the game. We followed that up with an EP titled, ‘Diverse’, then we dropped, ‘Part 3: Random Thoughts’ in 2004. Pretty good album, if we do say so ourselves. Got us a little award called an ARIA. Yeah, go ahead Google that.
For our next venture, we really tried to come up with the unexpected in light of winning such a prestigious award. We did what the hell we wanted, pretty much. It was good, although it could’ve been better. But hey… you learn from these things yeah?
OK… fast forward to 2010. Koolism has been working on an album for three years. It’s been a long time between drinks. A lot has changed and in some ways, its like we’re starting again.
A lot is expected of us. Our supporters are still checking for us (which we are so grateful for) and promoters still want to book us (same again). But it’s coming. It’s called, ‘The ‘Umu’ – a Tongan word for an underground oven.
Get your knives and forks, people, cos this is going to be a feed you’ll never forget.