Leroy Francis

Sydney-sider and multi-instrumentalist, Leroy Francis was the kid at school who always had a broken arm. Growing up bored and restless on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Francis abandoned the coast and left for the city as soon as he was able to, playing in bands and working in dive bars to earn his keep.

A terrible insomniac, Francis has seen more sunrises than sunsets, spending a thousand sleepless nights building a dense and unruly catalogue of scrappy recordings and effortlessly charming compositions through his tape machine.

Performed entirely by Francis, recorded by David Tolomai (Beach House, Future Islands) and produced by Dean Tuza (Mossy, Stella Donnelly), the EP’s six tracks hit like a simultaneous kiss on the cheek and punch to the gut. Traveling through themes of love and lust, raucous guitar and propulsive beats are led by Francis’ dreamy vocals that ring like honey coated gravel. At first light, ‘Comatose’ kicks off proceedings with a relentless and syncopated krautrock hypno-rhythm and guitars that screech and squeal in the distance. Francis proves he is a glutton for punishment in thumper ‘Carry Me’, a rambunctious and beer-skolling house party anthem and emerges shy and wistful in ‘Going Steady’. Penultimate neo-psychedelic heartbreaker, ‘Intoxicated Dreams’ is a desperate depiction of a doomed love and in the EP’s autobiographical closer, ‘Sleeping Ain’t Easy’, a delirious Francis takes us under the sheets with a sex-laden and almost whispered croon like a punch-drunk Elvis.