Lila Gold

Australia-based music artist Lila Gold enters the US pop music scene with a refreshing sound that’s all her own. Equally raw, proud and sonically visceral, her music and debut single “China Chalet” plays like the angsty teenage anthem you didn’t know you needed as it persuades you to dance with her girl gang at a place where sadness doesn’t exist.

While Gold currently calls Sydney home, she was brought up in New York City, to which she credits her creative inspiration – her music is neither pop or rock or indie, but rather a blend of multiple genres infused together to create a modern take on garage punk of the 90s. This style extends from Gold’s music to her look; her instagram and imagery possess an effortlessly cool, downtown schoolgirl vibe that hints at a future pop icon in the making.

Lila’s debut record “China Chalet”, premiered via Galore Magazine, is just a taste of what’s to come from the artist, and it’s not until you see the video for this same single that makes you understand the fierce talent that’s at play. As we watch Lila and her ultra cool friends parade around the city in a stunning, nostalgic visual display of a familiar “girls night out”, we’re reminded of the social relevance of girl empowerment and introduced to this specific female strength and poise that Lila showcases in her music.

With her premiere EP If The Kids Unite slated for release in summer 2016, she’s positioned to be a double hitter – one who can make her presence known not only in the music industry, but the fashion world at large. Lila celebrates the glittering juvenility and pays homage to the spirit of eternal youth; and we should all take notice of what’s to come. All that glitters is Lila Gold.